It's our birthday...

And we know it’s the life in our years that counts, not the years in our life!

June 9th marks 30 years to the day since Casalinga opened its doors and served its first meal. The world has changed a lot since June 1988, but we like to think that some things remain the same: the importance of friends, family and shared moments around the table.

Celebrate with us

Welcome to Casalinga

Every day is somebody’s birthday, and we always find reasons to celebrate the good things in life.

It’s hard to believe, but on June 9th, Casalinga turns 30. We’ve learned a lot down the years, but without losing our youthful energy and passion for good food and good times. We can look back on some wonderful memories from our kitchen and restaurant, and all the special moments that we’ve shared with the amazing people who’ve trusted us with their hunger and thirst.

Birthdays are a time for looking back, but also for looking forwards. In fact, there’s so much happening that we don’t have time for too much introspection. Which is fine by us – our Italian heritage means that we’re true extroverts and we love entertaining and hosting people. Visit us to experience a Casalinga welcome worth celebrating!

"Mangiare bene, stare bene / Eat well, feel good"

Youth is a gift of Nature, but age is a work of art

We’re wishing ourselves a very happy birthday on Saturday June 9th, and we’d love you to join us.

Thirty years is a lifetime in restaurant terms, and what a life it’s been. Like all the best parties, we’re inviting the people who mean the most to us – and that’s you!

No matter how delicious the food or stylish the décor, no restaurant can last for long without people choosing to come there for lunch or dinner. Without your support, Casalinga may not have been open for 30 days, never mind 30 years!

That should get June off to a great start, but wait – there’s more! Check out our June Joys page for details of events at Casalinga this month.

Contact us to book your own Casalinga celebration and we’ll help you create a wonderful occasion and a very special ambience.

Life should not only be lived; it should be celebrated!

Unlike birthday cards, you won’t have to wait a year for our next newsletter!